‘CHAMPAGNE SUPERNOVA’ Champagne & Raspberry Premium Gin

‘CHAMPAGNE SUPERNOVA’ Champagne & Raspberry Premium Gin

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Our traditionally distilled premium gin is made in our Manchester distillery from the finest botanical blends for an infinitely smooth taste. 

Our ‘CHAMPAGNE SUPERNOVA ’ Champagne & Raspberry Premium Gin is classically led by Juniper with Coriander, Angelica and Almond perfectly balanced with delicious Champagne and subtle bursts of fresh Raspberry. 

Each bottle is wax sealed and our 20cl & 70cl bottles are lovingly hand stamped with our bee emblem.

Our perfect serve

- Double Measure of Champagne Supernova Gin

- Light or Mediterranean Tonic (or lemonade)

- Garnish with Raspberries or Blueberries  

- Enjoy 

40% vol